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The popularity of the mobile phone remains undiminished despite the present financial climate, with the hunger of consumers for the latest models produced by the top manufacturers of mobile devices – like Samsung, Nokia and Apple – if anything even greater now than ever before. Nonetheless there is no denying that, thanks to the recession, most of us have less disposable income to spend on those luxury items than we did in the past – which is where a company such as has made its name.

Since Dialaphone, which offers affordable deals on mobile phone models by all of the major manufacturers, was launched in 1995, it has grown from a small company to one which employs hundreds of people throughout the UK and is a member of the ‘4u Group’ of companies. The success of the company and its membership of this prestigious group enables the company to deal with all the top mobile phone manufacturers and offer the best deals on the most popular phones – such as Apples iPhone range.

The iPhone is unquestionably one of the most successful mobile phone ranges on the market, and Dialaphone offers deals on a number of different models, including the 4S 32GB, the 4 8GB and the 3GS 8GB. For example, in the case of the 4S 32GB, Dialaphone has a range of offers available with a tariff provided by Voda iPhone and with deal costs ranging from free to £358. When it comes to texting all of these deals offer unlimited monthly texts, but when it comes to actual phone calls, the monthly line rental rates vary considerably – ranging from £31per month to £67 a month, depending on which deal you decide to opt for. Equally some of the contracts with the tariff provider last for twelve months, some for eighteen months and some for twenty four, making it advisable to consider the overall costs, making it advisable to weigh the monthly costs of each deal against your budget, before deciding which length of contract will best suit you.

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