Google Search App’s new feature will Alert you About the Traffic Jam

The Google Search app has got an update providing you heads-up alerts about traffic jams on normal commutes. The new feature is powered by Waze data, which was acquired by Google last year. This announcement was made on its social network, Google Plus.

Although such alert service is already available in Google Now, however the older versions of Google Android were not compatible with it. By integrating it with the Google Search, commuters having any version of Android on their smartphones would be able to get automatic traffic reports.

While connected to the internet, Google Search from now on will provide traffic notifications even if you do not ask for it. These notifications will assist you to either re-schedule your travel plan or find an alternate route. The key objective is to save your precious time and energy by avoiding you getting into a traffic jam.

Google Now on the other hand, is an online intelligent personal assistant embedded within the Google Search app. The tech giant has also announced to integrate the service into the Google Chrome web browser.

This new development will not only assist the commuters in efficient time management while traveling, but will also help in preventing the roads from being overcrowded after the incidents.

Google is making continuous efforts to strengthen its search engine to stand against the rapidly growing Mozilla Firefox. Where Firefox recently announced its partnership with gaming engines to provide web-browser-based gaming experience to users, Google is empowering its search app and desktop browser with modern infotainment systems.


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