Making Identity Permanent

“Identity” is an umbrella term. It covers your individual name and data. But, it also includes the name, brand, and image of your business.

With high tech lasers, you can make identity solid, textured, and permanent. Laser engraving directs high-powered lasers to engrave text, logos, designs, and artwork into the surface of objects.

How laser engravers work

Anyone will be fascinated and amazed at videos of lasers at work engraving posted by Popular Mechanics.

Without ink or cutting bits, lasers to not touch the engraving surface. The laser works with extraordinary accuracy because hands never touch the engraver. And, it works with speed and little waste.

The marketing team at Hai Tech Lasers, Inc., for example, says of their laser engraving devices, “We can laser mark, etch, or engrave characters, logos, graphics, and barcodes on a wide range of materials, including metal, glass, and even guns. We can work with the most complex designs and deliver accurate results.

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Customers use such engravers at their sports trophy stores, in aerospace applications, on automotive engine surfaces, and throughout a number and variety of industry sectors.

Regardless of the application, users design their desired outcome on their computer where they can massage and revise their template until satisfied. This offers the chance to introduce artwork or patterns, typography and texture, and other design elements.

If you want barcodes, part numbers, or serial identification numbers, the computer will integrate that data for correct placement.

Typically, the laser engraver moves over the object surface as it is held in place. But, some engravers will move the material through the machine.

Different machines work differently, but they all translate the digital coding into commands to the laser. In many cases, it will first draw an outline to assure that everything is in position to proceed.

From that point on, the machine takes charge. Under cover, it heats up and begins to move across the surface of the object performing the task that has been programmed. It runs as long as it takes to complete the design, texture, and finish.

Practical Applications

Some of the industries making varied uses of high tech laser engravers include:

Industrial fittings and tools require identification by size and category. They need the sort of size designation you might find on your wrench and ratchet sets. So, you can imagine how many tools and parts might circulate on a manufacturing floor.

Semiconductor makers use lasers to mark boards and cut materials. Lasers mark their brand and number their products.

Firearms require unique identification codes, and high tech lasers can produce them in two or three dimensions. Because you cannot damage or change the identification, agencies can trace the firearms.

Medical products must comply with FDA requirements mandating identification of surgical tools and healthcare supplies. And, high tech lasers make this easier because they can engrave anodized titanium, stainless steel, platinum, glass, plastics, and other materials.

Automotive manufacturers use the laser engraving to mark vehicles with company information, logos, VIN numbers, and more. Engravers let them identify the vehicle and separately label each of its parts.

Other industries include electronics, jewelry, oil and refining, and more. And, they will drive the future of work and innovation. According to Mike Dean, reporting for SEEN (the Southeast Education Network),  “Laser engraving and cutting systems are rapidly making their way into educational institutions across the globe. These highly functional systems are creating excitement among educators for their ability to engrave and/ or cut a variety of materials… Because of this versatility and ease-of use, laser engraving systems are having a positive impact on both the schools incorporating them and students who are using them.”

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