Microsoft Releases Patch to Fix Internet Explorer Bug

Microsoft Windows users can now securely use Internet Explorer, as the company has released a patch to fix a grave security flaw. The patch can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website.

Internet ExplorerEarlier this week, the internet security firm FireEye discovered a big Internet Explorer bug, which could make a system vulnerable to external threats. The bug was exploited by malicious developers to sneak into computers, steal personal data and even take control of your computer. Hackers exploiting this bug have endangered many companies across United States.

If you have already enabled automatic updates on your Windows operating system, you do not need to download and install the patch manually. However, those who have not enabled it are advised to acquire it as early as possible. Microsoft, the world’s largest operating system vendor, always recommends its users to go for automatic updates to keep advanced security settings.

Microsoft was under extreme pressure of the stakeholders, after this critical discovery. The governments of European states had advised their users to go for alternative web browser until the issue resolves. That is the reason why the tech giant had to be agile about it.

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The big bad bug was present in almost all the versions of Internet Explorer; from IE6 to IE11. The new patch is also recommended for Windows XP users, who had not been entitled for Microsoft support since April 08. The reason is, a significant proportion of users around the world are still holding on to the 12-year old operating system, even after Microsoft announced to end its support for XP. However, Microsoft urges XP users to upgrade their PCs to a later version of operating system.

It remains to be seen if Microsoft will continue helping XP users in the issues like this one, even after ending its support for it.

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