Three Tips for running a faultless Online Business

For businesses around the world, the internet, and the many opportunities that accompany it, have proven revelatory. Companies that could only ever have dreamed of appealing to a global audience now boast customers from every corner of the world, and stay-at-home mums have successful sidelines as online entrepreneurs – without ever leaving the house.


However, running a profitable online enterprise is no easy feat. Competition is fierce, and oversights are made public through eBay feedback, internet forums, and reviews of your service. You can’t afford to make mistakes, and you have to find a way to stand out from the multitude of other businesses all contending for the same client base as you.

Luckily, we have some handy hints to help you…

Number one: Provide a Faultless Delivery Service from Start to Finish

One of the key criteria’s that customers will use to rank you is your delivery service, and if you sell via eBay, this is a factor that will also be used to rate your performance by everyone that buys from you. People expect prompt postage and arrival, and this is something that you must be able to offer, so make sure that items are always sent off at the earliest possible opportunity. You’ll find that a good courier, like TNT, will prove invaluable, and a variety of delivery options (such as same day, 48 hour, and standard) will provide a real boost to your business.

Number two: Add a Personal Touch

It’s important to get good feedback from your customers, and in order to excel and set yourself apart from your competitors it’s nice to add a personal touch. Repeat business will work wonders for your profits, and the best way to make sure that you stick in the minds of your buyers is with little extra flourishes. This could be as simple as sending a short, generic thank you note or email each time someone purchases from you, or including a small sweet along with your packaged items.

Number three: Remedy Your Mistakes Immediately

Perhaps the most important way to set yourself apart from the crowd is by proving your nerve in the face of difficulty. We all make mistakes, but trying to shift the responsibility from yourself to your customer or courier will paint you in a very bad light when it becomes public knowledge. A swift and suitable remedy, plus a profuse apology, will reflect much more positively on you, your company, and your business ethos.

Trade successfully online today with these three top tips.

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