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SEO TipsMost of us assume that the websites that top the Google search pages are the big business owned websites and that small businesses do not stand a chance. However, Google is nothing but fair. It doesn’t rank websites based on the business sizes. On the contrary, it is the more creative, small to medium sized ones that are hard-working and with real content that win Google’s heart. With a few helpful SEO tips and resources, you can learn how there are several ways to increase website traffic even as the web user behavior changes and evolves with every passing day and focus on how to promote even the smallest of businesses.

Use Social Media:

Social media networks such as Facebook can serve as a popular platform to generate traffic for your website. Establish your reach to such networks and interact with your users, sharing fun facts and photos about your products and services. Greater the number of fans and followers, greater will the number of visitors to your website be.

Another trick here would be to get your customers to sign-up as members on your website so that you can keep in constant touch with them for a prolonged business relationship.

Provide Trials:

While a lot of web marketers ignore this trick, including trials on your webpage can prove positive for your business as you can gain a lot of user information through the demo, such as the traffic interaction and engagement.

Get Feedbacks:

Nothing spreads word better than the word of mouth. Having some useful feedbacks on your website builds trust and makes visitors less cynical about your business. Get people to take surveys and provide feedback about you and your business.

Identify Target Audience:

Identifying your target is more important than attacking, so all your SEO efforts will go wasted if you do not aim at the right type of audience. Be clear about who would buy your products and avail your services and then make specific approaches accordingly.

Strengthen Your Brand:

This doesn’t mean that you need to hire an army of experts to help you strengthen your brand to increase your website SEO. What you need to do, however, is build a story as time passes. A brand is not all about testimonials and logos, it is more about buildings trust with the clients. Give your audience a byline. Make use of mission statements, placing them strategically to bring out maximum impact. If you have won any awards, take them out from the corner and present them to your audience although you need to ensure that everything you produce is consistent.

Build trust by showing how readily available you are provide service. Provide contact details such as your email address and phone number and include things like your shipping policy making them visible in a single space rather than having them scattered all over the place. Doing this will send trust signals to visitors, who would otherwise assume that you haven’t stressed on these issues because you simply don’t give them importance.

Keywords still do the key work:

When it comes to your web content, two things never lose importance with the search engines- the keywords and the content optimization. Make sure you have a list of keywords following the main keyword so that your reach is widened. Add meta descriptions and title tags also including keywords and include optimized content making it as useful and informative as possible. You can use these 3 Google tools to optimize your keyword usage and are excellent SEO tips for 2013:

Google Adwords: This tool helps you use the right word that the public is using while searching for the same content on the search engines

Google Search Wonder Wheel: With this tool, you can form word associations which will help you look for other words that you can check with AdWords

Google Insights: This tool, again, gives word ideas that can be effectively used in brainstorming.

Test Your Website:

Every time you update your website, make sure you check it for its layout, use-friendliness, content and other elements to see if what you have intended has been implemented. While marketers realize the value of testing, most of them fail to follow the step. It is important to see your website from your evolved audience’s view to see if it is approved and gauge changes that need to be made hence.

While people are well aware of the basic landing page optimization tactics, few are aware of what the evolved web user’s demand today. These new and advanced SEO tips can make a real difference- there has to be an impact felt.

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