Sony Unveils New SAL55300 Zoom Lens

If you are passionate about photography especially wildlife and extreme sports photography then you need camera lens that can help you capture that quick moments in real time. On the other hand, you also need that zoom that can help you capture all the details in one click and allow you to make the most of every second that you have. Sony has now announced the all new SAL55300 telephoto zoom lens that can allow you to do more than you can imagine. The camera lens is optimized for Alpha A mount cameras and are incorporated with APS-C sensors which means that they are compact but they can allow you to zoom in to bring the action closer to your eyes.

The best part about this lens is the versatile 5.5 times magnification range that covers focal lengths from 55mm to 300mm. At maximum zoom it can go up to 450mm super-telephoto which is plenty of power to shoot some of the best wildlife pictures and also shoot some extreme sports action sitting back in the stadium. The lens also has Smooth Autofocus Motor which is extremely quiet and allows you to zoom and zoom out of the object without making any noise. The lens also has Translucent Mirror Technology that allows photographer to capture the subject even when the subject is moving at fast speeds. You can expect some crisp photography with this lens along with Full HD video. The lens uses Extra Low Dispersion glass element which reduces color aberrations and provides better image quality.

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