Sony Wakes you up in the Morning

The ICF-C717PJ from Sony is a great new clock radio that gives you the best wake up experience ever. But to call it a clock radio is an injustice to the product as it is as much more! It is a multi-feature clock radio that comes with a projector, soothing nature sounds and even a room thermometer. To be more elaborate, the projector has variable angles, all you need to do is twist the lens to any angle and you will get a super-sized time display in any part of your room.

The room thermometer gives you an accurate reading of the present temperature and you get around 5 nature sounds. The reason why the nature sounds are so great is because you no longer have to wake up to the harsh alarm of any ordinary alarm but will be peacefully brought back into the world of consciousness. Or if you prefer to wake up to music, this dual alarm clock can either play your favorite FM/AM station or your iPod or any other music player.

You can either wake up or fall off to sleep with digital recreations of waves, brooks, rainfall or a bird song. In terms of looks, it is compact and sleek with a smooth aluminum finish and its LCD is big, bright, easy-to-read with a 4 way brightness control for either day or night viewing. In addition, the device comes up with a back-up so that you’ll still wake up at the right time regardless of insufficient battery. The ICF-C717PJ is to be available from April 2010.

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