The Future of Display Advertising

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Ever since the first online display advertisement appeared as a simple, clickable image over 16 years ago, display ads have come a long way. Now, in 2010, you can see image, text, video and even rich-media formats, on practically all the websites that you visit. These ads are really important, not just because they provide information about products and services, but also because they are a method of funding for the web content and the services that are widely used by us. What’s more, they allow large and small advertisers to reach out to potential customers, to increase the sales and expand the business.

Display advertising has evolved from simple static images to very creative units that can be seen today. Usually, the best display ads are like mini-websites, they have stunning graphics, complex animation, and interactive elements. Technology has allowed for better ads, and thus they are becoming more and more relevant to us (the audience) and even to the website that is hosting it. In fact, they are also being bought and sold across the Internet very seamlessly, without any difficulty – something that never happened before.

Google has made major investments in the area of display advertising, because it sees potential in this area. Serious investments started almost 6 years ago, through display ad formats on the AdSense partner sites, then three years ago, Google acquired YouTube, and various display advertising options were offered.

Two years ago, Google acquired DoubleClick – which is a leading provider of display advertising technology. Since then, the DoubleClick and Google technologies have been going through integration, to give users, online publishers and advertisers more and more new features. Google now offers enhanced support in the form of interest-based advertising, support for third party vendors, and view-through conversion reporting.

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