Choosing The Right Vehicle For Your Camping Trip

Summer is coming, and your thoughts may be turning to vacations and trips to the beach. It’s great fun planning a getaway, and camping can be a real adventure. You don’t have to be a woodsman to enjoy camping; there are plenty of ways you can glam up your stay with specialty tents or by using an RV. One thing you might want to consider when you’re making your plans is transport, which can have a big impact on your enjoyment of the trip.

Camping Trip
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RV Camping:

A home on wheels is ideal for you if you don’t relish the prospect of erecting a tent but prefer to journey from one destination to another in comfort. There’s a lot to be said for the advantages of the recreational vehicle. Having your own cooking, sleeping and bathroom facilities all to hand and in comfortable surroundings is convenient and can even have the touch of luxury. The main issues with the RV are its size, maneuverability and fuel consumption, and if these disadvantages outweigh the benefits, you might want to consider an alternative option. VW camper vans have been cool for years, due to their iconic design, quirky personality and the convenience of driving a small vehicle that you can still cook and sleep in. Classic models can command some pretty steep prices, and in fairness can show their age when traveling long distances. If you like the idea of a smaller van but with some modern comforts, have a look at some popular new VW van dealers to see if there is a current version that ticks all your boxes. It’s worth having a test drive in both before making a decision, so you can see how you’d get on out on the open road.


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The most basic, back to nature form of camping is putting up your own tent in the great outdoors and cooking on a campfire. There are many variations on this theme now, and glamping has become increasingly popular as a more sophisticated style of camping. You will still need a decent sized car or van, and possibly a trailer, to carry all your kit and belongings around with you. It’s not much fun having an underpowered car that can’t carry the extra weight, or for your passengers to be all squashed in with the luggage, so it’s worth looking at buying or hiring a bigger vehicle that can cope with the demands of such a trip.


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You need a strong vehicle to tow a caravan, and four-wheel drive is even better. This will help you keep control of the caravan in bad weather conditions and make it easier for you to drive across your campsite and any trails you need to navigate. You need something that’s comfortable for your passengers as well as functional, so cross-over vehicles that combine the interior of a car with the utility of an off-roader may be a good option.

Whichever style of camping you opt for, choose your vehicle with care to ensure your vacation goes smoothly and you have a great time.

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