Dodge Teams Up with Comedian Jeff Ross

Comedian Jeff Ross “Roastmaster” Drives Around Dodge Challenger Roasting Random People in Los Angeles.

Many who watch Comedy Central may recognize Jeff Ross, who has been nicknamed the “Roastmaster General”. He and Dodge have teamed up for a very unusual partnership as they take to the streets of Los Angeles to make fun of random passersby.

The project is to help promote not just the Dodge brand, but also to help promote Comedy Central’s new upcoming show “Roast Battle”. In the first spot, Ross drives around with Battle host Brian Moses in a new Dodge Challenger through the Sunset Strip in LA.

New Dodge Challenger

As they drive around Ross, who has been known to be very vulgar shouts out insulting comedy at random people along the strip. Most automakers, and even more brands would ideally stay clear of a man like Ross who has a past for being very outspoken, and “no-holds-barred” approach to his comedy. But Dodge a subsidiary brand of the larger Fiat-Chrysler Automaker brand has shown great bravery to participate in this cross-promotion.

Their hopes? They hope to reach an older and even broader audience by showing off their Challenger interior, and not just its stylish exterior. North Dodge states, “the Dodge Challenger is a perfect fit for this promotion, as it is powerful and efficient at the same time. Much like the roasting style of comedy that Ross is known for”.

Ross states the following about Dodge’s involvement, “Dodge was fully on board. They were on set, but they trusted us and were really happy for it to be authentic”. Having this sort of trust is very important for brand recognition, and it will be interesting to see how it works out for Dodge in the coming months.

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