1939 Alfa Romeo Expected to Fetch 20 Million

1939 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B

Pre-WWII Alfa Romeo Expected to Break Car Auction Records this August.

Many car enthusiasts and historians claim the 1939 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B to be the ultimate Italian sports car of its generation, and that statement may hold as the ultra-rare sports car will be put up for auction in a couple of weeks in California on August 19th. It is expected that the classic Alfa Romeo could fetch as much as 20 million dollars.

1939 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B
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Just how rare is this Alfa Romeo?

When they were built for the 1939 model year there were only 32 exact replicas of this model. If you put that into perspective, it is very hard to imagine a vehicle like this, would be in such mint condition since 1939, and even more difficult to imagine that there are maybe more than a few in such remarkable condition, if any at all beyond the one that is going up for auction. This rarity, and price tag has made this vehicle the most sought after European sports car from the pre-World War II generation.

The modern day Alfa Romeos, as seen on Brown’s Alfa Romeo, are sleek and stylish, but it is hard to compare them to their parentage.

How much more will this Alfa Romeo sell for at auction compared to other popular collectibles?

Put it this way, this vehicle should easily jump into the top five most expensive cars sold at auction in the modern history of car auctions, internationally speaking.

For the most part Ferrari vehicles have long dominated the ceiling in terms of car auction sale price, but it is expected this Alfa could climb right up with models such as; Ferrari 290 MM, Ferrari 335S and the Ferrari 250 GTO.

The auction price for the Alfa should hit close to 20 Million, but could be much more, depending on how desperate people are, as this is very much a hard automobile to find.

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