Ford is About to Put Science to The Test with Jose Cuervo Collaboration

Ford chooses to collaborate with an unlikely partner as they look into alternate sources of bioplastic.

Most times many automakers will do what they can to avoid having their brand mentioned in the same sentence as a liquor or beer company. But what Ford is looking to do goes far beyond the brands themselves. They are looking to utilize a certain byproduct of Jose Cuervo’s tequila line.

Jose Cuervo

What is the byproduct you ask? Well it would be agave plants, and to be exact, it would be the fibers from the agave plants. This is a part of the plant that Jose Cuervo generally discards after they use it. What can this fiber do for the automaker? Well it is proven that the agave plant fibers are a great source of sustainable bioplastic. This new bioplastic product would be a major catalyst in the development of vehicle parts that would lead to vehicles that are lighter and more fuel-efficient. This is even greater news for Ford and their all-new Ford f-150 truck models of the future.

But don’t automakers already use plastic for their manufacturing? Yes, but currently majority of plastic made for vehicles comes from petroleum and natural gas, which are two natural resources that are in high demand, high cost and provide a less ethical environmental footprint.

The fibers from the agave plant have been tested early and often by Ford’s engineers, and they find the eco-friendly source has been a great material to use for the development of simpler parts such as cup holders, fuse boxes, HVAC units, coin dishes and storage bins to name a few. At this current moment though from vigorous testing, Ford believes the product may not be acceptable for high-strength and structural parts to a vehicle.

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