Injured Tennessee Officer Leads Jeep Campaign to Support Fellow Officers

Knoxville, TN police officer has organized a “Back the Blue” Jeep to support law enforcement across the country.
Just this past Saturday, Knoxville deputy officer Anthony Rathbone has gathered the support to organize a movement that will help bring much needed support to law enforcement across the United States.

Last year, deputy officer Rathbone was hit by a drunk driver when responding to a call for a crash. He has expressed that he is genuinely appreciative of the fact he is still alive today. This appreciation has led him to organize this “Back the Blue” Jeep ride across the country.

Injured Tennessee Officer Leads Jeep Campaign to Support Fellow Officers

Many supporters of the police force from local Jeep Clubs and even some local Tennessee Jeep Dealerships have come to join Rathbone in this journey, and more are joining as they make their trip. As they make their way just around the state of Tennessee they are seeing many people showing their support with honking their horns, waving and thumbs up. The smallest gesture goes a long way for Officer Rathbone to help bring this cause to life.

Even though Rathbone hasn’t completely healed from his injury, he understands that this organized cause couldn’t wait another day, so he made sure they set out. They hope to bring back some appreciation for law enforcement in a country that is facing a lot of concerns with police incidents of late.

As the Jeep ride continues, we will do our best to keep our readers updated with any news that may come from this.

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