Autopilot Not to Blame for Model X Crash, Says Musk

Model X Crash

In the latest turns of the events, Elon Musk says autopilot was not engaged at the time of Model X crash, which occurred at a turnpike in Pennsylvania on 1 July. Tesla has been under fire recently, as a few weeks back, a Model S was also collided with a trailer on a freeway in Williston, Florida. The accident proved fatal for the driver who could not survive the injuries.

Model X Crash

Elon Musk tweeted today, “Onboard vehicle logs show Autopilot was turned off in Pennsylvania crash. Moreover, crash would not have occurred if it was on.” The claim has come after the company investigated the vehicle logs and found the feature was turned off. However, the driver of Model X, Albert Scaligone, told police the autopilot was switched on.

The electric automaker has already been under scrutiny by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The administration is working on the design changes and updates of autopilot to find out whether the system is working properly or not.

Consumer Reports also investigated the matter and demands Tesla to disable autopilot until it is safer.

Tesla’s stance on the matter is clear. They call it semi-autonomous and demand motorists to stay alert and put their hands on the steering all the time.

Do you think autopilot is the culprit in the two recent accidents? Stay tuned as we keep you updated on the story.

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