Viper Sells All of Their 25th Anniversary Models in Five Days

“If you build it, they will come” worked great with Field of Dreams, but who would have guessed Viper would have sold out of their anniversary editions in just five days?

Viper Sells All of Their 25th Anniversary Models in Five Days

The answer is, everyone. There are few car enthusiast groups out there that are more extreme than the Viper audience. These folks go all in, every single time. Take for instance Wayne and D’AnnRauh of Texas, they have a total of 79 Vipers, and chances are they are even closer to 100 total Vipers after Dodge released five new editions for their 25th Anniversary.

How about we break it down by edition, and how quickly each one sold.

So let us start with the 1:28 Edition ACR. This was without a doubt the most popular edition of the group, and had sold all 28 models in under an hour, forty minutes to be exact. How paperwork can be processed that quickly, is uncertain, but what is certain, we already know which edition was the winner.

Next we have the 31 VooDoo II. This edition survived the first hour, but quickly sold out in the second hour after being made available

Then we have the 25 Snakeskin, as well as the 100 GT-R Commemorative Editions which sold out before the second day had ended.

The fifth and final edition was the Dodge Dealer Edition. There is a good chance these have already been spoken for, but the official paperwork for purchase wasn’t submitted until the fifth day after the Vipers had been released.

Over 200 Viper special editions sold in less than a week. This extremely high demand has in a way forced Dodge to reconsider just having five editions, and have announced they plan to come out with a sixth editions to help provide to the line of Viper enthusiasts who are screaming “I want”. Because of how exotic and unique these special edition models are, chances are very few dealers will have one to show off in their showroom. For more information on Viper models and potential Viper groups, you should reach out to your local dealership like Dutchess Chrysler, to see what Viper enthusiast groups may be available in your region.

The additional anniversary edition will be called the Snakeskin ACR, and Dodge will look to build thirty-one total. The final count for special edition Vipers in its last production year will be 237. No photos for the new special edition Snakeskin has yet to be revealed or released.

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