Dodge Aspen to Dodge Dart

Dodge Dart

Today we have a whole ton of popular compact sedans from a variety of automakers. The one that is most recently recognized is the all new Dodge Dart, like the ones sold at Kindle Dodge, have a lot of similarities to its early relatives, the Dodge Aspen and Plymouth Volare compacts.

Dodge Dart

The sibling compacts of the mid 1970s is roughly 40 years old, and we are here to celebrate their abbreviated life, and how their influence helped lead to the modern day Dodge Dart, and many other compacts.

The Aspen and Volare compacts by Chrysler Corporation in the mid too late 1970s were first described as intermediate cars, or as we refer to them as, compact vehicles. They were both available in 4 door sedan version, or 2 door coupes as well.

Any car enthusiast from that era would quickly recognize the Aspen styling reminds many of the Dart’s early years, and even the first version of the new generation which we have seen hit North America by storm in the past few years.

Dodge with much of its lineup has sort of taken a leap back in time to take certain styling cues that had worked for them in the 1970s and even 80s, with vehicles like their Challenger and Charger. Both of which were incredibly popular during that era. The Dodge Aspen, had direct influence on the evolution of the Dodge Dart, matter of fact it was the Aspen that more or less took the place of the Dodge Dart when it went out of production in 1976.

Even though the Aspen had a short 4-5-year production window, along with the 1960-76 Dodge Dart models helped create an image of appreciation for compact vehicles, and compacts that could also perform.

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