New Dodge Charger Fans Will Have to Wait Until 2020

New Dodge Charger

The next-generation design of the Dodge Charger will not be available until 2020. The newer version of the Dodge Charger was re-introduced into the Dodge lineup in 2005, and had a redesign just five years later. Early reports suggest that the current design of the Charger will hold up until at least 2020.

New Dodge Charger

So what kind of design changes should we expect to see for the Dodge Charger in the future? Some are suggesting that they will take a lot of key designs from a concept that was presented as far back as 1999. It is a much more retro look, and many are already approving of this sportier look.

The drive layout will be stock rear-wheel drive, with an option for AWD, and will sport similar dimensions as the current Charger as seen here at Holden Dodge. There will not be major changes with many of the technical engineering for the Charger when compared to the proposed change, but one major change will be the significant weight loss, which will cut the weight of the Charger by nearly 500 lbs. This ultimately will help with fuel-economy, and even speed of course.

Another potential offering with the next-gen model will be a possible twin-turbo inline-four engine which is being named “Hurricane” that boasts a strong 300 horsepower. This engine is likely to hit the market before the Charger is released, when FCA tries it out with the upcoming 2018 Jeep Wrangler.

We would love to hear our readers’ thoughts on this next-gen model, and the proposed changes. Are you happy or disappointed with the redesign?

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