The FIAT 500L “Popemobile” Heads to Charity Auction Event


If you ever dreamed about owning a “Popemobile” then you might be in luck, if you can afford to purchase one from a charity auction that is.

Last fall Pope Francis visited the greater mid-Atlantic region of the United States, making stops in Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia and of course New York City. During his time spent here he was chauffeured around in a brand new 2015 FIAT 500L Hatchback, much like the one seen here at


Of course the one the Pope was driven around in had some unique features, and more safety features. Regardless of that the vehicle is still very much a stock FAIT 500L, which unlike the other FIAT models, has much more legroom, and in many ways is a small crossover.

Now for the important topic, the FIAT 500L that the Pope traveled in will be going up for auction at a charity auction in California, and the fetching price is currently uncertain, but one would imagine it would be very close to six figures. The money spent on the auctioned item, will be given to a charity program ran by the Catholic Church in New York City.

So for those of you out there that can afford such collectibles, would you be interested in buying a relatively brand new FIAT 500L, which Pope Francis used? If you did, would you simply store it away, or would you actually take it for “joy rides” around town?

The functionality of the FIAT 500L is much more versatile compared to many of the other smaller segment models currently being sold in the United States, says Holt FIAT of Hurst, TX. It has a lot more leg room, incredible fuel-efficiency, and now has the backing of one of the most beloved human beings on the planet.

If you wish to learn more about the charity event:

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