Hilux Receives New Safety Upgrades

Toyota Hilux

The 4WD Hilux has been one of the bestselling models from Toyota. Now Toyota has announced upgrades for its Hilux models. This includes equipments that focus on the safety features of the models.

New Safety Upgrades in Toyota Hilux

Toyota is concentrating on making the Hilux model even more popular. The upgrading is supposed to make the Toyota Hilux models grab more attention. It is also thought to be a smart move for the Toyota makers. The upgrade offer will make the existing Toyota customers more loyal to the Hilux.

Some of the safety features being offered include

  • Greater vehicle stability control
  • More traction control
  • Enhanced brake support
  • Greater brake-force distribution

The Hilux comes in 4 X 2 and 4 X 4 models. Buyers can get anti-skid brakes for their 4 X 2 as well as 4 X 4 models at $ 400. Customers of Toyota 4 x 2 Hilux models can get limited slip-differential and anti-skid brakes together at 700 dollars.

New Equipment Upgrades in Toyota Hilux

Additional equipments for the Toyota Hilux include:

  • Bucket seats equipped with airbags at the side – This will be useful for both passengers and drivers. In case of an accident, it can prevent serious injuries.
  • Curtain-shield airbags – This will protect the body from any serious jolt due to an accident and absorb the shock.
  • 17-inch alloy wheels – These will replace the existing 15-inch wheels in the Hilux models.

The equipment upgrades are supposed to add to the popularity of the Toyota Hilux models. In Australia, the Toyota Helix is already one of the top selling models. It is used for commuting to office as well as for family vacation on weekends. The Toyota 4 X 4 Hilux version is the more popular model.

Toyota Hilux Prices

The Toyota has kept the Hilux prices steady. The price for the automatic ones will remain $55,690 while the manual ones will cost $53,690.

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