Is BMW Really the Best of the Big Three?

BMW, Audi and Mercedes have been battling it out for the top spot for years now, and each has their own die-hard fans and loyal buyers. But in recent years it seems as though BMW is perhaps at the top of the game, with cars like the 3 Series being seen as quite possibly the best all-round car in the world. This is in part because of their design and engineering language. There’s a cachet to be had with the BMW logo on the front of the car, and you know that every one has been designed with the idea of building the ultimate driving machine in mind. We’ve even seen recently that the Bavarian automaker is looking to the future with its all electric and hybrid i3 and i8 respectively. The question then, is what do the other two bring to the table, and can they compete with the blue propeller?

Rory McIlroy in the BMW i8


Audi’s game is that it is sporty, progressive and sophisticated. It’s very well known for making really well-built cars, interiors especially, and introduces beneficial technology where possible. The Audi Space Frame for instance was an all-aluminium shell for the full-size luxury A8. It was a great way of making the car both light and strong. The company is best known however for the Quattro all-wheel-drive system that makes the cars very sure-footed and capable in all but the most inclement weather. The current range is good; it’s modern and stylish, and there’s something for pretty much all requirements – take a look at Motorpoint to see many of the options. The new TT is a particular highlight. If you want something that’s been built really well, is good value and is at the forefront of things, then Audi makes a great alternative to BMW.

Full-Size Luxury A8


Mercedes tends to do better at the higher end of the market. Comfort, power and prestige are priorities, with the S-Class the world’s bestselling full-size luxury vehicle. Sports cars tend to be less dynamic, but more powerful than BMW or Audi competitors. The C63 AMG for instance has a full 50bhp more than its M3 competitor. The Stuttgart-based company had a rough patch just after the turn of the century, but their latest cars are some of the best looking on the road. If you want the last word in style and power, then it’s hard to look past the three-pointed star.

Mercedes C63 AMG

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