BMW i3 reimagined by Rinspeed Budii

The Geneva Motor Show that will be coming up soon will see the concept car of Rinspeed Budii on the stand allotted for the Swiss company.

Rinspeed has managed to restyle the wide body of the BMW i3 and has added several new technologies to the vehicle making the hatchback into something an autonomous car might look like.

BMW i3

The interiors have been completely changed with the robotic arm being mounted on the steering wheel. In the self – driving mode, the wheel and the robotic arm fold away behind the central floating touch screen.

autonomous car

Though the pedals are fixed, the steering wheel can be easily swung over to whoever wants to steer the car in the front. It is equipped with a laser scanner and a high resolution camera which, if needed, may be raised to height of about 70 centimetres over the roof line. Both of these devices feed the information into the driver assist systems and autonomous driving. These devices also help in mapping out the terrain of road that lies ahead and the car automatically adjusts the suspension system accordingly.

concept car

It also has automatic doors, wireless phone charging, 19-inch alloy wheels and many more feature that will make your ride comfortable.

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