Batmobile Look-a-like: Matte Black Ferrari is on the scene

After a stunning matte black makeover, the Ferrari LaFerrari has made the news after speculation that it looks similar to the Batmobile. The entire vehicle is black apart from red seatbelts and a small amount of red piping on the seats inside the model. With 963 horsepower and an incredible V12 engine, this menacing Ferrari is the dream of any Dark Knight fan.

Matte Black Ferrari LaFerrari

Although this car is being described as matte black, fans have noticed that it actually has a slight shine to it, making it look somewhat wet or shiny. Rather than spoiling the dark look, it has actually been praised as adding to the vehicle, making it look even more luxurious and heroic that it did in the first place. With incredible performance too, this is definitely a car many Ferarri lovers woul.

Matte Black Ferrari


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