McLaren P1 Marks a Top Speed of 330 KPH Outdoing the Modified Nissan GT-R

A video captured and published by Shmee150 displays the motorsport action between McLaren P1 and modified Nissan GT-R. In the drag race organized by Vmax200, the McLaren P1 representing the Auto Vivendi private members club started smoothly and reached the top speed of 330 km/h in just a few minutes.

The Litchfield LM850 Nissan GT-R on the other hand was mechanically tweaked to produce over 850 horsepower. When we compare both the cars, we learn that the Nissan GT-R has an advantage over the McLaren by having an All-Wheel Drive system. However, it still couldn’t make up to the rage of McLaren P1, which produces over 900 horsepower and weighs more than the GT-R.

[youtube 54vA7NtzjW8 500 350]

The video displays many exciting instances including those captured from the driver’s cabin of McLaren P1. Though the speed meter of the winning car shows a top speed of 211 mph, the radars recorded it as 205 mph.

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