Microsoft Teams With Ford: Makes It Easier To Own An Electric Car!

Hohm Energy Management for an energy-efficient future

With the biggest rollout of electric vehicle infrastructure about to begin, Microsoft Corp. the computer giant has its wings spread wide over our environment. Towards an energy-efficient future, Microsoft Corp. and Ford Motor Co. have entered into a mutually beneficial partnership that will make owning an electric vehicle affordable and easier.

Microsoft’s Hohm technology is intended to help drivers of electric cars manage recharging their vehicles automatically. Ford, with its Focus Electric next year, is the first automaker to be using Hohm.

According to Alan Mulally, Ford Motor Company president and CEO, “Ford and Microsoft both share a strong commitment to contributing to a better world.  Today, we begin the next major step in our working together and leading the way for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.” “For Ford, this is a needed step in the development of the infrastructure that will make electric vehicles viable.”

Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly and are gaining acceptance as alternatives to gasoline-powered vehicles, with an Accenture survey revealing that 42% of consumers are showing an interest in electric vehicles.
By the year 2013, Ford will have five new electric vehicles in the North American and European markets.

  • Transit Connect Electric – 2010
  • Focus Electric – 2011 (with Hohm technology)
  • Two next-generation hybrids and a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle – 2012

With the increase in electric vehicles, it is obvious that there will be a huge increase in demand for energy. Electric vehicles need to be charged and the household consumption of energy could be very high. To cater to this demand, thousands of electric car chargers are being installed in the United States.

Both Microsoft and Ford realize that the only way to attract customers is to provide energy-efficient solutions. Hohm is an Internet based service that has been designed to ensure customers save on their energy expenses, by providing them a glimpse of their energy usage and suggesting ways of increasing conservation. Drivers of Ford electric vehicles will also be told when to charge their vehicle.

Its smart recharging habits that help consumers as well as the utility companies better manage the increased energy demands.

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