How To Get Ready For A Motorcycle Trip Across The Globe

Almost anyone even remotely interested in adventure motorcycling will have aspirations of having a motorcycle trip across the globe someday. Who does not fancy a bit of exploring the unknown aboard a bike, camping, riding for hours, stopping at remote towns and counties, and essentially living ‘The Biker Life’ along the way. To be honest, if someone truly wants to pursue this dream, it is definitely achievable. The only thing needed is proper preparation beforehand. By doing so the dream can finally turn into reality, and it’s not even that hard! Here are some tips on how to get ready for a motorcycle trip across the globe.

Motorcycle Trip
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The Bike:

Well, quite obviously the first consideration needed to prepare for a safe motorcycle journey is the motorcycle itself. What the traveler must keep in mind is that since it is a long journey, the bike must be easy to operate on, reasonably priced and predominantly meant for off-road travels. The traveler should focus less on style and go for something even a shade tree mechanic would be able to fix if needed. Going for such a bike will help the biker not worry about finding proper repair centers during the tour. It is also a great money saving exercise. Websites like Powersportsandmore.Net are best for knowing about the ideal bikes for such trips that offer substantial amounts of ground clearance, a great suspension-system, and 50-50 dual sports tires – all of which are essential for long journeys.

Petrol Power:

Fuel range is significant for long journeys. In order to travel a huge number of miles, upgrading the fuel tank can save the traveler a lot of trips to gas stations. Having a big fuel tanker also saves the biker from worrying about getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. Larger fuel tanks are a key for all dual sport and adventure bikes.

Protection Parts:

Another area of the bike that needs investing for long journeys is protection parts for sensitive bike parts. These are some of the protection parts that the biker should look into –

  • Aluminum skid-plate to ensure that traveling in areas where it snows isn’t a problem.
  • Hand guards
  • Headlight guards
  • Engine crash bars – These can be hard to access but recommended if available.


Bikers should carry soft luggage and dry bags. Most bikes can only take up a minimal amount of load. Investing in aluminum luggage that is water tight and secure is the best way to go.

Riding Gear:

Lastly, the biker must invest in proper travel riding gear. As a motorcycle traveler, you must always make sure that you are wearing the right pair of gloves suitable to the conditions. Appropriate set of boots that deliver ankle support and a durable sole and total protection should also be considered.

By following these best tips, a motorcycle trip around the globe can definitely be successfully completed. The only additional ingredient required apart from the ones that have already been mentioned is courage. If the rider is confident about riding for several days non-stop, a dream trip is definitely achievable.

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