Nissan ZEOD RC Records Highest Speed Ever by an Electric Car

Electric cars are becoming extremely popular especially in global markets where fuel efficiency is the most important factor. Nissan has managed to do that with Nissan LEAF, but now Nissan is trying to push the envelope and the all new revolutionary Nissan ZEOD RC has recorded the highest ever speed by an electric car at Le Mans. The car reached the top speed of 300 kmph on the Mulsanne Straight in qualifying for the Le Mans 24 Hours with Japanese ace Satoshi Motoyama behind the wheels.

Nissan ZEOD RC

Motoyama was driving one of the unique prototype vehicle that features a dual electric and internal combustion engine powertrain that was combined with 110kW electric motor. Together the car engine has the capacity to produce around 400 horsepower through its 1.5 liter three cylinder engine. The all new ZEOD has the option through which the driver can switch back and forth the two power sources. Motoyama achieved the target of top speed in the first run making it the fastest electric car in the world. The all new Nissan ZEOD RC now competes at the Le Mans this week in Garage 56 which is an additional entry for vehicles that showcase new and innovative technology. Nissan’s next goal is to achieve and complete the entire lap of Le Mans under race conditions using only electric power.

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