Simple Hacks to Save Money on Gas

Buying gas is a pretty much unavoidable reality for most of us. Prices go up and down, and unless you live in an area that allows you to walk, bike or take public transportation everywhere, you don’t have too much control over how much money you pay for gas… Or do you?

Save Money on Gas

Save Money on Gas
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There’s nothing you can do about gas prices, but we worked with our friends at Browning Dodge in California to compile a list of tricks you can use to save money on gas (and no, staying in the house all day is not on the list!). Read on and start saving your hard-earned money today!

Consider a Loyalty Card:

If you regularly drive all over the country, this might not be as helpful to you, but most of us generally drive in the same area (and fairly often the same exact routes). If you find that you’re always stopping at the Irving on the way to your office, or the Mobile right around the corner from your home, consider signing up for their rewards or loyalty card. If you take advantage of the program and make it a point to frequent the gas station chain you sign up for, you’ll start to reap the benefits before you know it! Some stations even have a “member’s only” reduced price that you can start benefiting from right away.

Use the Power of Technology:

If you own a smartphone, there’s no reason not to download an app like GasBuddy, which will offer not only the locations of nearby fuel stops but also their current price. This way, you’ll never again have to experience the frustration of filling your tank and then driving by a better price just a minute down the road.

Fill up Your Tires:

Driving on underinflated tires is dangerous, but did you know that it can also cost you gas? As an underinflated tire isn’t perfectly round, it’s harder to roll, and therefor uses more power and gasoline to move your vehicle than it should. Check your tire pressure regularly, and take the time to refill them, even if they’re only a little low. Overtime, this will save you money on both gas and replacement tires.

Time Your Fill-ups:

There are plenty of reasons to fill your tank at a specific time, and overwhelmingly the best time is late at night or early in the morning. During hot weather, gasoline can evaporate and turn into vapors as you pump it. This means that if you choose to fill up after dark or before dawn, you’ll get more liquid gas for the same amount of money. Another little known fact is that some gas stations hike up their prices during the day, and then drop them down again in hours when most people don’t drive. Going out for gas at midnight might not be the most convenient thing, but if you’re running low on a late-night trip home and you’re tempted to just “wait until tomorrow” to get gas, think again. Those extra couple of minutes could save you money.

Carpooling, taking public transportation, or walking or biking to work or around town are also great options for saving fuel, and are good for the environment. If this is ever feasible for you to do, it’s definitely something you should consider! Ultimately, though, we’ll all have to drive sometimes, and eventually we’ll need to fill our tanks. If you’d like to save some money on gas (and let’s be real, who wouldn’t?) remember these tips! We’re willing to bet you and your wallet will notice a difference!

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