Toyota Rolls Out Etios for Budget Conscious Car Buyers

Toyota is definitely one of the top automakers in the world and the company always looks out for top of the line vehicles that can cater to lot of customers around the world. The all new Toyota Etios is Toyota’s answer to customers demanding for better quality vehicle that also offers reliability but at a price that won’t hurt the pocket. Toyota Etios is definitely one of the best entry level sedans in the Indian market and many buyers are pleased that finally they have one Toyota car that fits their budget. However, that does not mean that Toyota Etios is a cheap vehicle that will have very low budget specifications. Toyota has been focusing on providing fuel efficient and budget friendly vehicle for entry level car buyers and Toyota Etios does justice to the price tag attached to it.


  • On the outside the car looks very compact and sharp and therefore Toyota has focused on how to make the look simple and decent without adding too much of glamour quotient to it. The upper and lower grille along with headlamps looks like a smiling face of the vehicle and the chrome finish adds some elegance to the vehicle.
  • Toyota has also paid attention to the rear side of the vehicle and they have done it nicely without focusing too much of design and style. The tail light on the vehicle is in triangular shape and that makes the car have distinctive shape from rear. The taillight cluster also includes brake lights, turn lights and reverse indicators which is really good for many car buyers.


  • Toyota has tried to uplift the interior design in the Toyota Etios and the eye-catching dual color mode makes the car look better and classy. The dashboard is very conventional and the instrument panel is right in front of the driver for easy readability. The dashboard also has enough space under the reach of the driver to make it easy for the drivers.
  • The vehicle comes with multi-functioning steering wheel and better safety seatbelts. In the rear the cargo space is 595 liters which is good for car buyers that need more space for luggage.


  • Toyota is always keen on bringing out better vehicles that can perform well and this time they have introduce 2NR-FE 4 cylinder 16V DOHC petrol engine. The vehicle is also available in 1364cc 68PS diesel engine. Toyota claims that the 1.5 liter petrol engine has the potential to smoke out 90PS and have a peak torque of 132Nm.
  • The engine is collaborated with dual camshaft and four valves per cylinder that ensures that car owners get better performance without compromising fuel efficiency. Toyota Etios engine also makes use of various other technologies to push in more power without consuming more fuel. The engine standard pistons are coated with molybdenum coating and has Electronic Fuel Injection system.
  • On the other hand, the diesel engine comes with four cylinder 8V SOHC engine and is able to produce peak torque of 170 Nm.

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