Van-based Businesses – How to Safeguard your Operations

Van-based-BusinessesIf you’re a tradesperson who operates their business via running a van, it’s fair to say that this vehicle is fundamental to you. Not only is it your main means of quickly getting between jobs, but it is often a mobile advert for your business and services. In short, it is the focal point of your company and without it, your business simply wouldn’t exist.

Subsequently, making sure your van is in full working order and protected is an absolute must. So to ensure this is the case, there are essential steps any van-based business from trades to logistics should take to safeguard their operations. They are as follows:

A Fully Operational Vehicle

First and foremost you need to be certain your van is fit for purpose and in full working order. There are of course the legalities of having an MOT certificate, but rather than just having an annual service and MOT carried out, have your vehicle checked every few months for aspects like:

  • Tyre tread depth
  • C02 emissions
  • All your working lights
  • Suspension

If any of these areas in particular are faulty or damaged not only could you limit the efficiency of your vehicle and face having it breakdown, also you can be stopped by the police and face points and fines.

Back-up Cover

To build on the previous point, while you can help to avoid breakdowns, at the same time it is also a wise move to have yourself prepared for any eventualities, as you van can still unfortunately breakdown. It almost goes without saying really but if you’re stuck at the side of the road, you’re not getting any business and ultimately aren’t making any money. Plus, if your customers are relying on you and you’re stuck helpless on the hard shoulder, it certainly won’t leave the best impression. The easy solution is to invest in breakdown cover.

Extra Security Measures

For those of you who store goods, materials or tools in your van, another aspect to consider is upgrading your van’s locking system or adding extra security measures.

The Right Look

Finally, the appearance of your van can do a great deal for your business. Again, this is about the impression you leave on your current and prospective customers; put yourself in their shoes and think would you use the services of a business which looks shoddy? Probably not. Keep your van clean, rust-free and looking professional.

So be sure to take on board some of this straightforward advice and you can offer your van-based business the cover and protection it needs.

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