8 Best iPhone 5 Games Worth Downloading

As iPhone 5 hit the market, with inches wide screen and a bit bigger frame than its predecessor, pundits complained over its performance, labeling it lesser progressive, owing to the lack of giant hologram’s pyramid in its composition.

However, the reality remains in contrast, since iPhone 5 comes with varying features including a vibrant display screen, excellent camera for better stills, the A6 faster chip capable of coming up with superior graphic performance and HD video recorder.

Apparently, all those game apps that were compatible with iPhone 5’s predecessors work fine on it, but it is advisable to optimize newest apps so as to have the best experience of iPhone 5. Here is a list of best 8 iPhone 5 games that you need not to miss;

Dead Space

Developed by EA Redwood Shores, Dead Space turns consoles’ conversation to iPhone 5 in a fantastic way and makes it one of the most popular iOS games. Here you take up the lead as Isaac Clarke, an engineer, endeavoring to combat polymorphic dead species by the name of “Necromorphs”. The journey begins on a mining ship ‘USG Ishimura’ where Isaac Clarke has to restore the communication array of the ship that seems to be cut off mysteriously. However, once Clarke is on the ship, he realizes that the ship has transformed into a floating bloodbath, where he has to fight for his survival as well as making the ship return to its point of origination.


Infinity Blade II

With the defeat of the God King, an unbelievable hero has come to the fore and a need arises to discover the truth behind the mysterious deep secrets of the Infinity Blade. This iPhone 5 game unfolds young Siris perpetual journey and you are compelled to explore deeply the tragic world of the ferocious and deathless tyrants accompanied by their league of Titans. Here is a test for you to unravel all the underlying mysteries and successfully brandish the might of the Infinite Blade in one of the most popular timeless swordplay adventure of warriors versus champions.


Blast A Way

Designed by Illusions Labs, Blast A Way is a pleasing colorful puzzle where you take control of three robots, bestowed with the task of rescuing a somewhat bizarre race of critters by the name of Boxies. These boxies are scattered randomly across number of stages made up of metal, wood, stone, fabric and plastic. However, do not take this excursion an easy one, since you will be needing bombs, portals, rebuilders, teleporters, colourisers and plenty of other gadgets to cross 80 mind bending levels.


Bad Hotel

Commonly referred to as a comic game for iPhone 5 users, Bad Hotel is in reality a tower-defense game. The game is not only about building a hotel rather you have to continue building by shooting ice on ugliest monsters ever encountered. This well-rounded iPhone 5 game allows you to sack up one room over another in a bid to build an entire hotel while simultaneously being attacked by creepy monsters. Your rooms have different qualities such as some repair damaged rooms, a few hoards money from the guests, while others shoot enemies. Although none of the levels of this game are simple ones, yet Bad Hotel is a superb game with nice music.


Real Racing 2

Fasten your seat belts as you will be switching gears and experiencing most exhilarating handheld car race in a fantasy environment that is no less than authentic racing. Firemint, the developers of Real Racing 2, understood how plain and motion controlled racing has taken a back seat and resultantly gamers are switching to other apps. Therefore, they have come up with an altogether different racing where you can experience true to life real racing, better handling and innumerable control options that enable you to tweak the handling as per the contentment of your heart, thus enjoying the game immensely. One of the latest additions to the cart is a latest steering sensitivity slider so that players can invest for hours in the game. Check out the racing action you always wanted to venture, on Real Racing 2.


Drop 7

If you are looking for a perfect short session iPhone 5 games, then Drop 7 should be your first choice. A highly addictive puzzle game where you play with area code numeric, Drop 7 is your ideal companion whether you are at the airport waiting for your delayed flight or stuck in traffic. It does not ask for thorough brain storming rather lightens your mood as you play it. What you will be doing is watch out the falling numbers that land on a grid board and make them disappear collectively by matching the fallen digit with any of the horizontal or vertical spaces, where it can fit in and subsequently vanish. Although here it might sound a bit tedious, but once its rules click your head, you will be amazed how this highly acclaimed puzzle game will become a life time addiction.


Hero Academy

Robor Entertainment has ample idea that friends might not get along always, since their latest innovation in the form of Hero Academy caters to such scenarios. Here two players having their respective turn formulate competitive tactics strategy in a fantasy adventure against one another. Both the players have crystals in their possession and their aim is to destroy crystals of their opponent, as many as possible, in the given time span of their turn. An easy to learn and play game, Hero Academy is a must try iPhone 5 game.


Angry Birds Star Wars

The latest and newest tributary of Angry Birds, its Star Wars designed by Rovio can be labeled an adventurous mobile game fit for iPhone 5 owners. This famous Bird’s game will take its players into the iconic sequences of our all time favorite Star Wars saga, where they will find themselves deflecting laser with the help of lightsaber and at the same will be using Force Push on the rickety environments’ of franchise. Also, you can form a league with your friends and compare scores online. Get a look at this interesting space game over here.


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