PlayStation 4 Releasing Worldwide in October 2013 – GameStop Reveals

Amid anticipation and contemplation, GameStop has guaranteed to Sony’s fans across the globe that PlayStation 4 will be gracing the market in October 2013.

PlayStation-4The announcement was made by Michael Hogan, presently serving as the executive vice president of retailer GameStop for strategy business as well as brand development. Talking with financial investors via conference call, Hogan was quoted as saying, “We know that Sony will introduce the PlayStation 4 globally in 2013, but we are still waiting to see what Microsoft’s final plans are.”

Although Sony lately declared PlayStation 4 will be sold this year, yet it invited a lot of criticism because of keeping lots of other details under the cover. During a press conference staged in New York, Sony unveiled some of the new features of its gaming console including its latest design, eye catching touch pad controller and  excellent bump in specs which will allow the developers to work on a platform to make home gaming an experience never felt before.

However, when it came to declaring the exact date of PlayStation 4, Sony chose to remain ambiguous by declaring it to hit the market ahead of holidays.  This paved way to the circulation of rumors suggesting that the gaming console will be coming to one country at a time instead of being released worldwide.

Also, reckoning the past releasing practices of Sony’s gaming consoles, we gather that those released initially in North America and Japan follow by other parts of the world, in particular Europe. Developers in Europe had apprehensions over complexities that might be faced over distribution in Europe but the recent statement of Michael Hogan let them took a sigh of relief. There has been a marked increase in the demand of PlayStation 4 once Sony unveiled its release date. Technology pundits predict that it will be costing $300, however there has been no word from the Japanese company about it.

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