Are You a Gamer? Here are 4 Netflix Shows You’ll Love

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But what if you could do both? Video games haven’t always translated well to the screen, but they’re getting better, and some of them are actually pretty good. If you’re a gamer, there are definitely a handful of shows worth your time.

The Witcher

Fans of The White Wolf, Geralt of Rivia, now have the chance to experience his adventures in several mediums: the books, the games, and now the TV show. The great thing about the show is that, while it is obviously inspired by the events of both the game and respective novels, it is its own beast entirely. Some fans may not be thrilled that it doesn’t follow the events of the books exactly, but the way we see it, we’ve got three different sword-slinging witchers to love. This gritty fantasy has it all: action, romance, comedy, and a compelling plot. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for the series.


Who would’ve thought League of Legends would get a TV show? And on top of that, have it turned out not only good but great? Well, it’s true. The Netflix series has only debuted its first season, but already fans are clamoring for more. It’s full of emotion, action, and compelling characters that keep us watching episode after episode. Plus, the art is amazing. It really makes you appreciate the effort the animators put into the project. Now we’ve only got to wait for the second season!

The Cuphead Show

Based on the charming platformer Cuphead, this show excels in capturing the game’s aesthetic down to the finest detail. It resembles the old 1930s cartoons in the best way possible, only with sharper and more colorful visuals. Episodes are only eleven minutes long, so viewers are able to finish the show quickly if they so choose. Fans of the game will likely recognize several bosses and characters that they originally discovered throughout their adventures, and if you happened to play through the game co-op with a friend, Cuphead’s brother Mugman is current throughout for all those players 2s.


Vampires? Check. Retro gaming? Check. What do you get when you dump that in with great storytelling and modern animation? Castlevania. While it is loosely based on the lore of the classic games of the same name, the show has taken off all on its own. This show should not be underestimated. It’s near masterful. Even those that never played the games or aren’t into the anime aesthetic should give this one a try. You won’t regret it if you like animated violence and a deep storyline. This adult, anime-inspired series is all wrapped up, so you can catch the whole thing over on Netflix right now!

Watch the Show or Play the Game?

If you just finished playing one of these games and you’re looking for a way to scratch the itch for more, try watching the respective series on Netflix. Likewise, if you’ve just caught up on the show and are looking for a way to bridge the gap between seasons, pick up the game and give it a shot! Either way, you’re going to have a great time diving into both mediums.

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