3 Games to Look Forward to in the Second Half of 2022

With the year halfway done, many people have been busy raising their families, putting in hours at their careers like Provider’s Choice Scribe Services and their respective companies, and attempting to find time for the gym, all the while waiting for their most anticipated games to be released.

But there are still five months left of game releases, and there are some highly anticipated ones coming out in the second half.

1. Gotham Knights

Releasing October 25, 2022, Gotham Knights has a lot to live up to in terms of the games that proceeded it. The last Batman Arkham trilogy is mostly regarded as a masterpiece, with the prequel game being developed by the same developers as Gotham Knights, WB Games Montreal.

While this upcoming title isn’t technically in the same universe as the previous entries, fans will undoubtedly be making comparisons between the two based on the content and gameplay mechanics. Fans of Batman are crossing their fingers that this game will be worth the wait.

2. God of War: Ragnarok

With 2018’s God of War being a system seller for the Playstation 4, fans are more than ready to continue Kratos’ journey with his son in the upcoming sequel, slated for release on November 9, 2022. This time around, we’ll be going up against many of the Norse Gods, such as Thor and Odin, as opposed to the Olypian bunch that fans have been used to over the course of the original series.

But that just has many players more excited than ever, giving them a whole new arsenal of enemies to overcome.

3. The Callisto Protocol

Not a fan of horror video games that make your hands sweaty and have you constantly checking over your shoulder? The Callisto Protocol might not be for you. However, for those that are brave enough to tackle this horror sci-fi survival game, they’ll be met with plenty of twisted creatures along the way.

Being developed by the original co-creator of the Dead Space series, many are looking forward to this upcoming title once it finally hits the shelves on December 2, 2022. Just be sure to keep a light on while you play.

Put in Your Pre-Orders With plenty of great-looking games still on the horizon, the hardest part will be finding enough time to play them all. So put in your pre-orders and get ready for gaming!

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