$1.25M Euro-Spec Ferrari F40 LM Converted for the Legal Streets of the US

The year was 1992 when the Ferrari F40 LM became known as an incredible machine. It still is today, and all one would need to reaffirm this statement is drive it around a track a few times like this:

The only problem with the euro-spec LM version is that it was not exactly legal to drive on the streets of the US. If you wanted to put one on the road in your neighborhood, what you had to do was settle for the dumbed-down version that came with smaller turbos tuned for less power—boo.

Ferrari F40 LM

To enjoy a real F40 LM, you could either move to another country, or attempt to upgrade it via LM parts. We all know that upgrading any supercar comes with risks, such as being called a fool, an idiot, or a downright redneck.

Ferrari F40 LM

In this case, this converted Ferrari appears to have been built with care, precision, and a somewhat sound mind. On other words, this may be your only opportunity to own a LM-ish F40 without being hauled away to court to pay all kinds of fees for driving an illegal car on the street.

Ferrari F40 LM

None-the-less, $1.25 million may seem a little steep for such a luxury, but you can make that decision for yourself. The car is currently listed on Hemmings, and no, they probably won’t accept your Mustang as a trade.

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