Accidents and Their Consequences: Injuries That May Occur

Injuries are a very common result of accidents, as many already know. However, there are several different types of injuries that you may face in an accident. It is a good idea to become familiar with the different types of injuries that you could potentially suffer from following an accident, so that you can prepare yourself with knowledge of the common injuries, their symptoms, and their treatment.

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Head Injuries: Very Severe

A head injury of any magnitude is a scary situation, as the brain is one of our most sensitive organs. A hit on the head could be disastrous; as it could cause lifelong brain injury, and mental handicaps. Seatbelts cannot exactly prevent head injuries completely, but they do help. If you suffer from a head injury in a wreck, you should be immediately escorted to the hospital to be examined. When someone has a severe brain injury, time is of the essence. Should the brain be bleeding, you may require emergency surgery. An aneurysm is a deadly consequence of many brain injuries, and usually does require surgical assistance. If you have a severe injury of this magnitude, you should prepare to consult a no win no fee attorney to begin a claims process; these injuries are usually long term, and the sufferer deserves rightful compensation.

Most Common Injury: Whiplash

This injury is one of the most common when it comes to accidents. Whiplash can span from a very mild case to extremely severe; usually depending on the speed that was being travelled at impact. This injury results from the whipping motion that occurs during the initial collision. The head will usually snap forward then backwards, putting strain on the neck. This is why the extent of this injury type is directly related to what speed the vehicles were travelling when they collided. It is not only a common injury, but one of the most common types of injury claims as well.

Whiplash can also result in a compounded injury, with spinal cord injuries or herniated disks for example. Since it can be difficult to observe the extent of the damage without a medical professional, a doctor should be seen right away.

Chest Injuries

While whiplash takes the top position, chest injuries can be common as well. The seatbelt can cause damage as it restrains the body from being propelled forward. Usually, these injuries may be as simple as bruising, but can also be as serious as broken bones.

Back and Spinal Injuries

Depending on the collision type and speed, you can also suffer from extensive back or spinal damage. Herniated disks in the back can occur, as well as nervous system damage. In extreme cases, paralysis can occur. These injuries tend to be more common with dangerous wrecks, or wrecks in which the vehicle is hit on the front driver’s side. If you suffer from spinal or back injuries, it is important to remain in your seat until emergency medical teams appear to take you to the hospital. You can easily cause more damage to your back by moving the wrong way, making it a dangerous situation.

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