Hyundai Predicts Future through Project Ioniq Lab

Hyundai has beefed up its research and development efforts by forming a new division dedicated to foresee the future of automotive industry. The newly established division will be tasked to focus on the future trends that will be shaping up the automotive future. The division has been named Project Ioniq Lab and will be tackling automotive mobility solutions through innovation, academic collaboration and indigenous research.

Hyundai Predicts Future through Project Ioniq Lab

Four areas have been categorized by the company, which include freedom of mobility, freedom of connectivity, freedom from energy exhaustion and freedom from inconveniences and accidents for further development and advancements.

The team has already started contributing through the prediction of some future ‘mega trends’ influencing future automotive technology till 2030. They include hyper-connected society, eco-ism, hyper-aging society, multi-layered mash-up, high concept society, context-awareness based individualization, decentralization of power, sharing society, anxiety and chaos, co-evolution, neo frontierism and mega urbanization.

The project team is headed by a Professor of Seoul National University, Dr. Soon Jong Lee, who is also the Head of Korea Future Design & Research Institute. He is assisted by 10 consultation experts and as many researchers.

It will be interesting to see how Hyundai’s Project Ioniq Lab redefines the automotive technology future for the benefit of the modern human race.

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