World-Record Made as a 16-tonne Trailer Jumps 25 Meters over a Lotus F1 car

Lotus F1 Team has come up with a unique way to gain attention this week by setting a world record to mask its current bout of bad performance with eighth-place in Formula One’s 2014 season. The record was made as a 16-tonne heavy truck and trailer jumped a whopping 25 meters over a Lotus F1 racing car.

Lotus F1 car

The large rig with trailer, a Renault transporter, was launched in the air using an old airfield, while an F1 car crossed it from underneath. The transporter landed 83 ft 7 inches away from the starting point, which Lotus and its F1 sponsor EMC claim is a world record.

Even though the guys at Guinness World Records haven’t yet issued a statement confirming if this jump breaks the previous record, it is still an iconic achievement for such a heavy rig with trailer.

The truck was modified to include a roll cage and exclude any flammable items in its interior, and was driven by Mike Ryan, who’s previously worked as a stunt co-coordinator for the Fast and Furious franchise. The car’s control was in the hands of Russian stunt driver, Martin Iyanov, who has previously performed stunts in Mission: Impossible, James bond and Jason Bourne series among others. Both the drivers have years of stunt experience under their name, and were excited at the opportunity of attempting a world record. Mike Ryan termed the stunt his dream come true.

The stunt was performed at the Rendlesham runway in Suffolk, United Kingdom.

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