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Free Recovery Software

Most often we don’t prepare ourselves for all possible scenarios, take the cautions lightly and thus face terrible consequences. This is exactly what happens with any personal or professional PC user, who does not consider installing a free data recovery software program. Yes, it is true, “we are 24/7 at the risk of losing our data”. The constant clicks, saggy power inputs and unprotected online surfing increase the risks of data loss, but free recovery software can handle all for us. Today, we will talk about some common reasons of data loss and the ways we can avoid the mishaps.

Free Recovery Software

1. No backup Strategy

Constant downloads demand us to clean the drive to make space, and in the process terrible accidents occur. One wrong click can delete all the files, and if you haven’t implemented a backup strategy you are at risk of losing your data forever.

  • Solution:

Data can always be retrieved with a good recovery software. It should create a secret backup, which upon unplanned deletes could help restore the device to its previous condition.

2. Virus Damage

Computers of today are 24/7 connected to the worldwide network, which has its own benefits. On the other hand, the device is exposed to many harmful viruses. They can harm it in different ways from damaging the operating system, corrupting the stored data to a complete data loss.

  • Solution:

Constantly scanning for viruses is a practical solution, but scanning all the drives is time consuming and unpractical for everyday users. The most efficient solution is to install a data recovery program and then surf freely. You can pick any program with a good rating. We have personally used EaseUS to retrieve data due to virus attacks and it worked very well.

3. Power breakdown

Power failures can affect the data in many ways. For instance, you are working on an assignment or project, which is half way through. An unplanned power cut here can totally wipe your unsaved work. The worst scenario is power failures can also directly damage the hard drives and operating systems of the computer. In any of the above cases, data loss is a possible threat.

  • Solution:

The recovery software can protect the files. In the need of a new window installation, the software presents you an option of backing up the old data. A good recovery program is much more than recovering the lost data. It must support vast formats and give different recovery options. Some highlights of a good recovery software program include:

  • Lost Files can be browsed through keywords; hence you do not have to go through all back up files to find one specific file.
  • Data can be recovered from the emptied recycle bin
  • Different file systems for data recovery are supported such as FAT, NTFS and HFS.
  • The software is capable of retrieving data due to deletion, formatting, hard drive damage, virus attack, operating system crash, partition loss etc.
  • The program is competent to recover data from hard drives, USB, memory cards, digital cameras, mobiles phones, music players and so on.

Excellent free recovery software programs come with practical features and the best part is they are free to use. They do not require purchasing nor assistance for installation and still each of them offer helpline working to serve you the best way possible.

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